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After you go and shed the swordfish north

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The fire that the mourners will use can be obstructed with protect from magic, but it can also be blocked by an antidragon protect or elemental armor. Go to RS gold the bridge and speak with the rebel elf. The level 111s usage melee such as the ones at the West Ardougne foundation, the torcher uses a fire strike which hits hard if you don't use an antidragon shield, elemental armor, or keep from magic.

Defeat them and you'll be told you will find more in the forest. Go to the Tyras Catapult Guard and you will observe the Tyras camp being assaulted by flashlight mourners. Kill all of them. You will see a cutscene with Eluned telling General Hinning she has to teleport his guys to Ardougne to combat Iorworth's invasion. Iswylyn tells you to visit Ardougne your self, and allow him to handle the mourners.I think that Runescape should make a new f2p pursuit but not only that. When folks begin to get randomly killed in Misthalin King Roald the Third asks one to find out what is happening to his people. You conclude that it occurs mostly along the street. You also here about a new man who just moved to Varrock that mutters alot and doesn't speak to others that often.

So you decide to go and talk with him he gets mad and kicks you out of the residence. On your way out you odd words which aren't stated in any areas you've been in. Then you walk along the trails that there is no home near with your own armor and you notice something move. You start to get scared in order to run the first time. You go to find info regarding big red creatures.

There's just one that you here about most and it's called Legion and is a fanatic. He has four demons which are look when needed. Legion along with his fellow dolls are helpless when they are near some ruby necklace that's enchanted and Blessed. For this reason, you have to create the necklace and can be taught a fresh spell necklaces for your normal spell publication to enchant ruby bracelets by Gypsy Aris. *Once you proceed and proceed fish 15 swordfish then you want to cook them.

After you go and shed the swordfish north of Varrock castle. You then see Legion come receive the swordfish and you are teleported with him. You end up in a dungeon and see just one doorway. Now you go through it and locate stairs and you go up them. If you come out you look in a single battle area using four smaller variations of Legion and notice you're in the center of Lumbridge Swamp.

You fight with the four demons afterward Legion is surprised to see his followers slayed. Then you fight him and should killed you have to star back where the * is over. After slayed you must take the entire body to King Roald the third. For your award you get 10k crafting xp, 15k fishing xp, 25k cooking xp, 15k magical xp, 5k prayer xp, and buy OSRS gold unlimited entry to Legion's followers. So what so you guys think?