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I haven't found bots in Beluslan or Morheim

by Wei weismart 22 Jul in Boating 0 Comments 59 Views

For your staff I'd suggest buying the aion classic kinah bronze level 26 coin weapon at 25. It is blue, has an attack speed of.5 and can last until the 30s. It is possible to make one, however it will require a lot of effort, money, and mats. You can do it.

For manastones socket full crit, chanters benefit most, as crits provide equal chances for knockdowns, which is very useful both in PVP and PVE. Crit is the way to go, and eventually , later on, you'll get to about 440'ish (can't recall the exact soft cap) with the crit mantra. Then if you are full DPS you go Attack for the rest of your stones. If you happen to find an orange level 25 for sale staff, you can make use of it if you sell off your coins for more money than you paid for the staff. However, you'll miss out on atkspeed.

Purchase 30e accessories as fast as you can. They are the best accessory that you can purchase from Stat-wise for quite some time and can also deal with PvP damage, therefore they're worth it.

not really a mill a day. Instead of selling it to the store for 70k80k you are actually making 200k300k every time that you raise to level 10 it is a lot of work. I don't think anyone's been particularly concerned about.

First thing I did once the beginner rush ended was level a bunch of alts so that I could make sales multiple times per day.

The first character took two hours, as I was not sure what the fastest way to reach 10 was but each character after that the time was shortened. Mage took an hour to complete the shortest. This is a tiny time investment to earn a long-term 300K per day.

I haven't found bots in Beluslan or Morheim It is probable that they're employing this method to gain the kinah. It doesn't require Siel's Aura to be bought. If I can complete it solo-player in 59 minutes (while taking 10 minutes of waiting for mana) then bots will be able to finish it faster since 6-man stacks have zero downtime.

Bots are not currently available since the bots for level 4045 are no longer in use and farming is less common in higher-level zones. This is why you'll see people selling stacks full of decently difficult to find materials in the hundreds-thousands when euro aion classic buy kinah any sane player would only ever be able to acquire a handful of them.