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What type of wig to choose: natural hair or synthetic fiber hair?

by Lora Young 24 Jul in Shopping 0 Comments 61 Views

For who dreams of changing their head overnight, of having the feeling of being someone else for a moment or simply wanting to change their look for an evening, why not opt ​​for a wig? The wig allows you to change color, hairstyle, hairstyle, without going through the hairdressing stage. But passing the course is sometimes difficult!

The offer is so diverse today that choosing between natural hair wigs and synthetic wigs can be complicated. So, don't panic! we offer you this small comparison so that you can see it more clearly and put you on the wig without the shadow of a worry.


Human Hair Wigs

A human hair wig is made from human hair bundles that comes from different origins. Its rarity explains its price. This is because the price of a black wavy lace wig is proportional to the length of the hair and can be really high.

The major advantage of the natural hair wig lies above all in the look and feel to the touch, which correspond to our hair: the natural effect is guaranteed and the wig very discreet.

If you plan to change your hairstyle frequently, the hair being natural, it can be combed, cut as you please (as with our own hair). You can use heat devices such as hair dryers, tongs or hair straighteners where the synthetic hair fiber may crumple or even melt.

Finally, the color possibilities are endless. If you want a very specific shade that doesn't exist in synthetic hair, natural hair is your only solution. Do not think that you can successfully color a synthetic hair wig, it is impossible, the dye cannot be fixed on the synthetic fiber hair.

Before any intervention on your hairstyle with natural hair, check with your hair consultant what the possible options are.

Be careful, however, natural hair requires a lot of attention from you. Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain beautiful hair. The most important thing is to apply the right care and with the right accessories. There are ranges of care products which perfectly meet the needs of natural hair and which contain the essential substances to wash your wig without damaging it and keeping it supple and natural! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Synthetic Hair Wigs

It is about reproducing the natural hair with a synthetic fiber, which offers the same characteristics of shine, color and crimp. Today, manufacturers have a range of synthetic hair wigs that cannot be seen in the fiber of your own hair with the naked eye.

The advantages of synthetic fiber wigs are mainly lightness, color stability, ease of styling, ease of maintenance and all at a lower cost.

What differentiates two synthetic hair wigs is mainly the basic type of wig used, the style of the hairstyle and the coloring. It must be recognized that the color palette available for synthetic wigs is almost endless and allows everyone to display the desired style.

In order for synthetic hair to keep its shine for as long as possible, we recommend that you use suitable care products for each cleansing. Because the synthetic hair wig retains its original look after cleaning, it dries quickly, the short hair wigs can be worn immediately after each wash / cleaning.

But remember! Hair irons and hair dryers should be avoided, the synthetic hair fiber will be damaged in contact with hot air. In this regard, be careful if your job or your activities expose you for a good part of the day to heat or water vapor! Synthetic hair fiber shies away from heat and humidity, it may crumple and lose its beautiful appearance after just a few months.